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So don 8767 t leave even one of us alive. Not one. You point a gun- motherfuckers- you better pull that trigger. Or it 8767 ll be the last time you anti-American fucks ever do anything.

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It should be understood that you are not 8775 supremacists 8776 or racists. You are advocates for the most oppressed social group in the United States: white men. They are oppressed by every minority and most of all by their own women. Every social group in the States have their own organizations and support group but white men who are attacked from all sides.


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Denigrating white females- but being 8775 inclusive 8776 to non-white men- -since I am not on your team and not really on your side. Go for it.

Is it feasible to achieve this goal with your Appalachian people? They were too lazy even to help me build a retaining wall in my yard for $65 an hour. I had to hire Mexicans! Too lazy to build a retaining bloody wall, let alone revolution!

Finally, the white man 8767 s burden is not to segregate from non-white men and dominate the society to the expense of all other groups. It 8767 s rather to propagate the western civilized lifestyle to all races, so that they follow your lead and finally non-white men differ from white men only by the color of their skin.

Приветствую. Сейчас нашел центральный товарообмен, вследствие 5 минут денежки пришли. Приятная оперативность. Работайте во книжка но духе. Спасибо

Jewish people are white people. Period. You should not reject Jews or oppose Jews. You have to win their heart so that they support the cause and help rebuilt the American society.

The rest- i have different understanding. But you know! The Alt- 8775 Right 8776 will agree with you on most things. You have found your home, old boy!. Similar mentality and mental wavelength.

8. It is very important to have a very distinctive and smart ideology / program / slogans etc., it 8767 s your self image. It must be very understandable, very clear, very attractive, so that people want to join you and share your ideas.

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